Friday, October 7, 2016

I Give it a Four

[Crochet in threes. Crochet in fours, crochet, crochet, crochet no more. Eh Gak! Who said that? No, no, keep crocheting, it's all good.]

Shimmy shimmy Shake Shake,
What ya gonna bake bake?
Strawberry cherry time,
Add the suger, add some lime.
Mix it all, stir that spoon.
Bake it till the clock ticks noon.

Shimmy shimmy shake shake,
What ya gonna bake bake.
Key lime I'll make you mine.
Smooth topping your so fine.
Give me one and I'll buy nine.
shimmy shimmy shake shake.

ooo-oooh cake cake,
wanna cook, wanna bake.
aaah-aah pie pie
I love ya, it's no lie.

Shimmy shimmy shake shake
What ya gonna bake bake.
Sweet cookies for my jar,
Keep them close, don't go far.
Eat them, a la mode
Hot fudge, so I'm told. 

Bring me the whipped cream,
So happy, gonna scream.
Bliss! You know what I mean.

[Now say it with attitude and a large spoon and you have officially won the weekend.]

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