Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Trick or Treat

[I've made bon bons. I've made doughnuts. I've made a myriad of cookies. But never candy. No, not ever.]

Pumpkins pumpkins, round and sweet.
They're fun to carve and fun to eat.
Toast them, roast them, bake them into pie.
Lick your fingers and say good bye.

Breakfast, lunch, or a late dinner.
Main course or side, each is a winner

Bring a fork,
Bring a smile.
We might be eating
For quite a while.

[mmm, pumpkin pie is so delicious it makes me all happy and excited. Please please let SOMEONE buy pumpkin pie for the work Halloween party because I really really want to eat some pumpkin pie. (ps. this is only slightly a subtle hint for those work friends that read my blog.)]
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