Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Anticipation

[I have not purchased candy yet. I admit it. I'm kind of behind. The costumes are in place, but I've got the trunk or treat and no idea what I'm going to do decor-wise. Spider webs? So, I will be headed out to get candy and decorations very very soon...]

A witch's brew can come in old or new. A stew if you wish, with a carrot or two. Add a toad, a speck of mold, and maybe the germs of a very old cold. Mix all together with an old tree's roots, your grandma's old boots, and some silly suits. Sure, add a few fruits. A good brew will need to stew so invite over the crew and have a party like the last one your threw. Dance a little jig, let people try on your wig, and stomp your feet like a giant that is very very big. Now bring all together and with words sounding very clever. Take a big swig.

[only a few days guys, it's virtually here (or maybe in a few days), but celebrate early anyway and post some pictures to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page. Share in the fun why don't you.]
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