Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Elephant Escape

[I'm on a trip this week. Off enjoying the southern US on a business trip. One perk to travel is you get to see cities and states that wouldn't normally be on your top 10 of vacation locations, and the food is nice, people are nice. I do miss the family though...]

I went over the hill,
Past the well,
I jumped every river
Climbed every swell.

I walked past the old bridge,
Up a tall tree,
Looked out to the west,
But I couldn't see.

I looked far to the right,
Past the river and town.
And over to the left,
And way way down. 

I looked over and under,
Down and below
But no where did I find you.
I didn't know where you'd go.

So I had to return
To just this spot.
Where I finally found you.
Sleeping on a cot.

Please don't head out again.
Not tomorrow or ever.
Looking for you is tiring.
And I'm not up for the endeavor.

[Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone has a great day! Happy Crocheting]

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