Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crocheting in and out, A Story of Brawn and Stout

[It's two weeks until Halloween and the crochet critters are getting excited! More Candy, they all shout, but I'm busy making cute hats and scarves. Two weeks to go! I say and they all pout. That's what parenthood's all about.]

Two years, two days,
A second and a half.
He slept with out moving.
Until around him formed a path.
No one could move him,
Or pass over the summit,
If they tried to, they'd slip,
And down the hill, plummet.
So around they went,
One at a time.
Over and around,
In one long line. 
He would wake.
Eventually, at last.
But only after a lot of time.
Had passed.
He seemed unconcerned
With the trouble he'd caused.
I guess some don't notice
But their actions should give pause.
Don't be that person,
Blocking the way.
It's not fair to stop progress,
With your fear of today.
We want to keep moving,
And cresting that hill,
Seeking a future,
That continues to fulfill.
Be a speedbump,
Be a caution sign,
Be a warning for dear.
But don't block progress,
Out of sleepiness or fear. 

[Right? See, I knew you'd get me on this one. The dog tends to lay in the kitchen right in front of the next thing you'd want to use and you have to decide whether it's work stepping over him, balancing on your toes, while you get something done, or if you'll go to the effort to wake him up and make him move. It's my daily ritual. But at least traffic on the freeway is quick ;P]

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