Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crochet Pony Party Time

[Crochet zombie makes his own rules. Crochet pony doesn't bother messing with fools. Crochet zombie knows he's all cools. Crochet pony laughs like a mule.]

Away in a town,
Away in a glen.
Away in an orchard,
There was a zombie named Ben.

Ben liked apples with sugar and spice.
Ben liked coffee with lots of ice.
Ben liked to climb things,
Like boxes and crates.
Until one day he got stuck, 
A terrible fate.

Ben cried out to the children,
But they all ran away.
They were terrified of Ben,
Because he ate brains, but hey
Ben was a nice zombie,
Aside from the brains.
And he didn't deserve to be stuck
And on the roof, to remain.

He sat there quite a while,
Waiting for help and aid.
But not one came running,
And the light began to fade.
In the darkness he heard the clumping of hooves.
It sounds crazy, 
But he was convinced it was wolves.

The clomping got louder,
And louder still,
It sounded nearby,
Just behind that distant hill.
Ben began to shiver
And worry to himself.
When the pony game in view,
He almost wet himself.

He was so happy!
To see a kind face
He giggled and frolicked,
And looked well out of place.

Pony helped him step down
And walked him on home.
And he thought to himself.
Maybe tomorrow I won't roam.

[Only a few more weeks and then things get really spooky!]
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