Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crochet Play Date

[Who doesn't like a crochet play date right?]

Don't fight it,
You'll lose.

Pink puffs came to the house today.
They wanted to run, they wanted to play.
They wanted my cookies and some cake,
They wanted to cook, they wanted to bake.
I'm not a baker or a cook.
I just stared with that look I look.
They didn't budge or walk away.
They just ignored me and ran to play.
It was the worst the worst in deed.
To have them run and take the lead.
So off I went to follow them there
So they could see my angry stare.
And they didn't care!

But over time I began to see
That they just wanted to play with me.
They wanted to run, wanted to skate.
Wanted to have a super great play date.
So I ran a little, jumped a lot.
And now I'm happy, relaxed, and hot.
So off we run to get out of the sun.
To bake a cake and cookies till done.

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