Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Whisper of Worry

[See that little witch in the background? Well, she's done and now she needs a friend. It's been a witchy weekend and now a witchy week. Help me pick my colors for my next witchy woman, and my project week be complete. Check out the Crochet By Karin Facebook page and tell me what Hair color, skin color, outfit color, Hat/no-hat/different hat - hit me with your best shot. #letthecustomersdecide ! You've got 24 hours...starting...NOW!]

When preparing your look,
Remember to check the book.
There's a witch keeping an eye,
On all the costumes walking by.
She won't like a repeat in the group.
And definitely not a matchy troupe.
Be you, be free, 
Find a costume that screams "me!"
A little giant,
And giant ant,
A scary bug,
Wear something someone else can't. 
A juggler, a fox,
A silly monster in a box.
Grab your glue,
Grab your tools,
Make something original
and cool.

[Ps, like my crochet pumpkins? You can get the pattern! Just check out my patterns page HERE.]
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