Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Three Owl Day

[It is Evaluate Your Life Day, which I don't want you to think is ominous. Rather, ask yourself - do I crochet enough? and then go buy some yarn.]

Crochet a little critter,
Crochet a lamb or two
Crochet a hooting owl.
Or a ghost that whispers

Crochet a blanket, scarf, or hat,
And bring it to work each day.
Remember to talk oh so much
About how it's work AND play.

Crochet fits in a bag,
And is a lovely chore.
It's better than zoning out,
And being embarrassed when you snore.

So bring crochet to the game,
Or a nice concert out on the grass.
Crochet makes you look fancy,
Or fills your outfit with sass.

So grab your favorite crochet book,
And meet me by the lake,
We'll chat and hook out in the sun,
And have some fun while we bake.

[Or knit if you're into that...... But really just crochet :P Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember to share pics of your current projects on the Crochet By Karin Facebook Page]

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