Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Meeting of the Pumpkin Minds

[I admit, I haven't carved my pumpkin yet. Isn't that terrible! Too busy. And I have a cold. And the dog...well, you know. something something. But, soon, I will carve the pumpkin soon.]

There's a field to the east, 
By southwest street
Where you can find a treat.
Something excellent to eat.

It's round of course,
That's not something you force.
And it has a stem,
Because a'hem.
How else would you carry them?

It's not a popular plant,
Or popular treat,
But inside you'll find the perfect meat
For a bit of pie
A slide of bread.
And other wonderful things I've read.
A bit of mixing,
A side of baking,
And you'll have something wonderful
In the making.
So meet me there,
I'll be waiting by the old gray chair,
And together we'll find,
That special pumpkin,
To call all mine.

[It's just getting crazy now. Just.a.little.pumpkin.pie.]
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