Monday, October 31, 2016

A Crochet Trick-or-Treat

[The day has finally come. All that waiting and planning and worrying, but we've made it. And now it's time to eat loads and loads of candy and be sick for weeks. Love it.]

A ringing a ranging the banging the banging.
Bring the candy!
Where's the treats!
I hear the shuffling of eager feet.

The sun has fallen before the hills
And now comes the giggles
And the shrieks of shrill
Happiness fulfilled.

I run to the door,
Skip to a stop,
I fill bags with candy
Until I'm ready to drop.

But the masses keep coming,
Each cuter than the last.
I'm having the best time
They're having a blast.
But alas.

The night becomes dark,
Little ones shuffle home.

Where they'll eat like kings,
Eating in silent, happy and alone.

[Happy Crochet Halloween everyone! I hope your trick-or-treating brings great success!]

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