Monday, October 31, 2016

A Crochet Trick-or-Treat

[The day has finally come. All that waiting and planning and worrying, but we've made it. And now it's time to eat loads and loads of candy and be sick for weeks. Love it.]

A ringing a ranging the banging the banging.
Bring the candy!
Where's the treats!
I hear the shuffling of eager feet.

The sun has fallen before the hills
And now comes the giggles
And the shrieks of shrill
Happiness fulfilled.

I run to the door,
Skip to a stop,
I fill bags with candy
Until I'm ready to drop.

But the masses keep coming,
Each cuter than the last.
I'm having the best time
They're having a blast.
But alas.

The night becomes dark,
Little ones shuffle home.

Where they'll eat like kings,
Eating in silent, happy and alone.

[Happy Crochet Halloween everyone! I hope your trick-or-treating brings great success!]

Friday, October 28, 2016

Three For Trying Crochet Halloween

[We had the trunk or treat tonight and it was SO much fun, really excited. First, it rained. So no truck or treat. But then we set up in the gym and it was super fun, and not rainy! So a win-win.]

On a foggy night
On a road in the dark.
I saw a strange sight.
And it made it's mark.

A whispering sound,
Caught my notice at once.
It was multiple people.
And they were talking a bunch.

Some noises were loud
High pitched and shrill.
One was low
One I knew to be Bill.

I snuck up on them.
As quick as I could
I wanted to see
If they were up to no good.

Bill was seated by a bonfire.
And shivered in the cold. 
There was a car nearby
It looked rusty and old.

One very tall, spoke out just then.
He wanted them to go wondering.
And to cause trouble
In the glen.

But Bill wouldn't agree.
He was happy where he was.
And trouble caused problems.
And they shouldn't go 'Just because.'

So left was Bill,
Sitting all alone.
So I went over to join him.
Instead of going home.

We talked all night
And watched the fire burn down.
And when dawn began to bloom.
We headed for town.

And along the way we ran into
Those two trouble makers.
They'd been throwing eggs
And they'd been caught, those rule breakers!

A nice night for walking
And meeting up with friends.
But don't be up to mischief.
Because you won't like the end.

[Only a few days left! I hope your Halloween plans are in place, awesome, and that they all go as planned. PS. crocheting isn't a bad way to spend the night.]

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Meeting of the Pumpkin Minds

[I admit, I haven't carved my pumpkin yet. Isn't that terrible! Too busy. And I have a cold. And the dog...well, you know. something something. But, soon, I will carve the pumpkin soon.]

There's a field to the east, 
By southwest street
Where you can find a treat.
Something excellent to eat.

It's round of course,
That's not something you force.
And it has a stem,
Because a'hem.
How else would you carry them?

It's not a popular plant,
Or popular treat,
But inside you'll find the perfect meat
For a bit of pie
A slide of bread.
And other wonderful things I've read.
A bit of mixing,
A side of baking,
And you'll have something wonderful
In the making.
So meet me there,
I'll be waiting by the old gray chair,
And together we'll find,
That special pumpkin,
To call all mine.

[It's just getting crazy now. Just.a.little.pumpkin.pie.]

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Trick or Treat

[I've made bon bons. I've made doughnuts. I've made a myriad of cookies. But never candy. No, not ever.]

Pumpkins pumpkins, round and sweet.
They're fun to carve and fun to eat.
Toast them, roast them, bake them into pie.
Lick your fingers and say good bye.

Breakfast, lunch, or a late dinner.
Main course or side, each is a winner

Bring a fork,
Bring a smile.
We might be eating
For quite a while.

[mmm, pumpkin pie is so delicious it makes me all happy and excited. Please please let SOMEONE buy pumpkin pie for the work Halloween party because I really really want to eat some pumpkin pie. (ps. this is only slightly a subtle hint for those work friends that read my blog.)]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Anticipation

[I have not purchased candy yet. I admit it. I'm kind of behind. The costumes are in place, but I've got the trunk or treat and no idea what I'm going to do decor-wise. Spider webs? So, I will be headed out to get candy and decorations very very soon...]

A witch's brew can come in old or new. A stew if you wish, with a carrot or two. Add a toad, a speck of mold, and maybe the germs of a very old cold. Mix all together with an old tree's roots, your grandma's old boots, and some silly suits. Sure, add a few fruits. A good brew will need to stew so invite over the crew and have a party like the last one your threw. Dance a little jig, let people try on your wig, and stomp your feet like a giant that is very very big. Now bring all together and with words sounding very clever. Take a big swig.

[only a few days guys, it's virtually here (or maybe in a few days), but celebrate early anyway and post some pictures to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page. Share in the fun why don't you.]

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Pumpkins

[Only about a week left until that special day! I know, it's not my birthday, BUT even better than that - Halloween! Spooky costumes, cute costumes, silly costumes. The squealing of happy kids getting candy and playing games, it just does not get better than that.]

If you ring the bell three times
Spin around just so
And shake your toes 
And your nose
I'll creep up, don't you know

If you throw a tantrum
Sing a silly song
Wrap the trees in TP,
Beat a metal gong

I'll come running
Just to have fun.
I'll come running.
And off we'll run.

Down the hill
Up the stream
In the night
Under the moon's beam.

Off to find trouble,
Off to have fun.
Off for the thrill
Halloween for everyone.

[So excited!! Got your costume? I do!]

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitty Knows Best

[It's 1.5 weeks (less than that!!!) until Halloween and I am keenly excited. The kids have costumes, I'm doing the truck or treat thing, it's wonderful. Plus the grandparents sent candy in the mail! Bliss bliss bliss. Hope you're enjoying the candy, the crochet, and maybe some time in the sun.]

When dad says "let's go hiking!'
It won't be to your liking.
There will be bumps and hills and rocks.
I'd probably pack water and extra socks.
And maybe a flashlight
Just in case.
And maybe some bear mace.
Oh and matches if you can.
Some cookware and a pan.
Some soup.
He say's you're just doing a loop.
Bring a phone,
You can video tape your time alone.

[Happy camping, hiking, outdoors time, and fun!!! And bring yarn and hook cause crochet is awesome. Just saying.]

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rhino But You Know

[A little critter, crochet and blue, you see him, but he doesn't see you. Ahh the crochet rhino, the most magical of crochet animals]

Tip toe a little further,
Through the woods I go.
Headed for adventure,
With no one else in tow.
Zipping here and there,
Laughing without care,
Being free
Being me,
Doing what no one dare.
I can't jump too high,
Can't swim too deep,
But I have endurance,
And I don't really sleep.
So off to the horizon,
Where the animals do not go.
I'm headed there today,
What I'll find, I do not know.
But go go go,
Along a winding path,
I may not reach my goal,
But I won't ever be last.

[So run on out there guys, try a new crochet pattern, a new book, a new hiking trail, a new something. And have fun!]

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Three Owl Day

[It is Evaluate Your Life Day, which I don't want you to think is ominous. Rather, ask yourself - do I crochet enough? and then go buy some yarn.]

Crochet a little critter,
Crochet a lamb or two
Crochet a hooting owl.
Or a ghost that whispers

Crochet a blanket, scarf, or hat,
And bring it to work each day.
Remember to talk oh so much
About how it's work AND play.

Crochet fits in a bag,
And is a lovely chore.
It's better than zoning out,
And being embarrassed when you snore.

So bring crochet to the game,
Or a nice concert out on the grass.
Crochet makes you look fancy,
Or fills your outfit with sass.

So grab your favorite crochet book,
And meet me by the lake,
We'll chat and hook out in the sun,
And have some fun while we bake.

[Or knit if you're into that...... But really just crochet :P Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember to share pics of your current projects on the Crochet By Karin Facebook Page]

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crocheting in and out, A Story of Brawn and Stout

[It's two weeks until Halloween and the crochet critters are getting excited! More Candy, they all shout, but I'm busy making cute hats and scarves. Two weeks to go! I say and they all pout. That's what parenthood's all about.]

Two years, two days,
A second and a half.
He slept with out moving.
Until around him formed a path.
No one could move him,
Or pass over the summit,
If they tried to, they'd slip,
And down the hill, plummet.
So around they went,
One at a time.
Over and around,
In one long line. 
He would wake.
Eventually, at last.
But only after a lot of time.
Had passed.
He seemed unconcerned
With the trouble he'd caused.
I guess some don't notice
But their actions should give pause.
Don't be that person,
Blocking the way.
It's not fair to stop progress,
With your fear of today.
We want to keep moving,
And cresting that hill,
Seeking a future,
That continues to fulfill.
Be a speedbump,
Be a caution sign,
Be a warning for dear.
But don't block progress,
Out of sleepiness or fear. 

[Right? See, I knew you'd get me on this one. The dog tends to lay in the kitchen right in front of the next thing you'd want to use and you have to decide whether it's work stepping over him, balancing on your toes, while you get something done, or if you'll go to the effort to wake him up and make him move. It's my daily ritual. But at least traffic on the freeway is quick ;P]

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday in the Trenches

[I'm back! Nothing long a long week away to remind you how much you like being home rather than away! But the food was good, the airlines on time, and the hotel was nice. So, I could complain, but I'm choosing not to.]

There was a knocking at the door.
A knocking just so.
A knocking so quiet.
I wish they'd go.

I knew who it was,
That person I knew.
They were coming to get me.
They had come right at two.

But unbeknownst to them.
I'd made other plans.
I was hopping through the connecting door.
And headed to other lands. 

No appointment for me.
No brushes and drills.
Candy is my friend.
It gives me such a thrill.

Off to Harrods for tea,
And to Piccadilly square.
To get yummy treats,
And run around on a dare.

 And then off to the gardens
To hide in the brush.
And eat candy all day.
Until I've had too much.

[Admittedly, I didn't go to London on this trip, but it sounds wonderful doesn't it?]

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crochet Fox, No Socks

[I feel like hiking. It must be the weather. I just LOVE Fall. Wish it lasted longer. Do you like fall? post your favorite fall picture to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page and share in the fun.]

I skip through the forest, I play in the dirt, I drink crisp clear water, I howl when hurt. 
I stubbed my toe, don't worry for me, I was running too fast, 'cause I needed to pee.
But I digress.
I run oh so fast, skipping over large stones, I turn into the wind, no-one knows where I roam. 
Up hills, through trees, crawling on knees. 
Clawing my way through this life filled with bees.
Oh gosh, oh know, I only wanted honey you know!
I run, I run, I scurry away. Gosh don't anger bees, they don't play.

[Ahh, Friday. Doesn't get better. I have a trip to the pumpkin patch, birthday party and other great events to look forward to and, of course, more crocheting!!]

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amigurumi Kitty Cat-scapade

[I admit that I might be a little excited for Halloween. Just a little]

Oh friend, oh foe.
I'm ready, let's go.
I'll chase you up and down that hill
It'll give me joy to feel that thrill.
And maybe you'll win,
You'll outrun me.
But tomorrow I might,
Get you caught in three.
But in it's all just practice.
Leading up to the day.
When we can sneak and scamper
In the darkness at play.
And steal a bit of chocolate,
A snippet of fun.
Getting goodies while on the run.

Crochet Halloween.

[Happy Thursday!!!]

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crochet Pony Party Time

[Crochet zombie makes his own rules. Crochet pony doesn't bother messing with fools. Crochet zombie knows he's all cools. Crochet pony laughs like a mule.]

Away in a town,
Away in a glen.
Away in an orchard,
There was a zombie named Ben.

Ben liked apples with sugar and spice.
Ben liked coffee with lots of ice.
Ben liked to climb things,
Like boxes and crates.
Until one day he got stuck, 
A terrible fate.

Ben cried out to the children,
But they all ran away.
They were terrified of Ben,
Because he ate brains, but hey
Ben was a nice zombie,
Aside from the brains.
And he didn't deserve to be stuck
And on the roof, to remain.

He sat there quite a while,
Waiting for help and aid.
But not one came running,
And the light began to fade.
In the darkness he heard the clumping of hooves.
It sounds crazy, 
But he was convinced it was wolves.

The clomping got louder,
And louder still,
It sounded nearby,
Just behind that distant hill.
Ben began to shiver
And worry to himself.
When the pony game in view,
He almost wet himself.

He was so happy!
To see a kind face
He giggled and frolicked,
And looked well out of place.

Pony helped him step down
And walked him on home.
And he thought to himself.
Maybe tomorrow I won't roam.

[Only a few more weeks and then things get really spooky!]

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Elephant Escape

[I'm on a trip this week. Off enjoying the southern US on a business trip. One perk to travel is you get to see cities and states that wouldn't normally be on your top 10 of vacation locations, and the food is nice, people are nice. I do miss the family though...]

I went over the hill,
Past the well,
I jumped every river
Climbed every swell.

I walked past the old bridge,
Up a tall tree,
Looked out to the west,
But I couldn't see.

I looked far to the right,
Past the river and town.
And over to the left,
And way way down. 

I looked over and under,
Down and below
But no where did I find you.
I didn't know where you'd go.

So I had to return
To just this spot.
Where I finally found you.
Sleeping on a cot.

Please don't head out again.
Not tomorrow or ever.
Looking for you is tiring.
And I'm not up for the endeavor.

[Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone has a great day! Happy Crocheting]

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Crochet Month in Fall

[Halloween is in a few weeks, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas - and then add in all the other cool holidays that other religions/nations/nationalities have, fall is the BEST time of year. So much fun. love it.]

I brought cake to a party.
But no one ate.
I brought a friend to the party.
But not a date.
I brought flowers and wine,
But did not have a fun time.
Pretty much all I got out of it.
Was this great rhyme.
So it was fine.

[I'm not saying skip the party, just look for the silver lining! It's always there ...
behind the mustard stain and lost scarf.]

Friday, October 7, 2016

I Give it a Four

[Crochet in threes. Crochet in fours, crochet, crochet, crochet no more. Eh Gak! Who said that? No, no, keep crocheting, it's all good.]

Shimmy shimmy Shake Shake,
What ya gonna bake bake?
Strawberry cherry time,
Add the suger, add some lime.
Mix it all, stir that spoon.
Bake it till the clock ticks noon.

Shimmy shimmy shake shake,
What ya gonna bake bake.
Key lime I'll make you mine.
Smooth topping your so fine.
Give me one and I'll buy nine.
shimmy shimmy shake shake.

ooo-oooh cake cake,
wanna cook, wanna bake.
aaah-aah pie pie
I love ya, it's no lie.

Shimmy shimmy shake shake
What ya gonna bake bake.
Sweet cookies for my jar,
Keep them close, don't go far.
Eat them, a la mode
Hot fudge, so I'm told. 

Bring me the whipped cream,
So happy, gonna scream.
Bliss! You know what I mean.

[Now say it with attitude and a large spoon and you have officially won the weekend.]

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three Matching

[It's a crochet pink puff. They are divine and that's enough. No worry for these sweet dears, they cheer you up for all your years.]

Strength in numbers
Acting as one.
Be courageous together
To get the job done. 

Call to your fellow
Call to your friend.
Be thoughtful
Be kind,
Bring success at the end.

Strive for better
Better than most
And plan for the future,
To the future we toast.

[And we made it to Thursday, a great day of week. With crochet and humor and poetry not meek. Happy Thursday!!]

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crochet Play Date

[Who doesn't like a crochet play date right?]

Don't fight it,
You'll lose.

Pink puffs came to the house today.
They wanted to run, they wanted to play.
They wanted my cookies and some cake,
They wanted to cook, they wanted to bake.
I'm not a baker or a cook.
I just stared with that look I look.
They didn't budge or walk away.
They just ignored me and ran to play.
It was the worst the worst in deed.
To have them run and take the lead.
So off I went to follow them there
So they could see my angry stare.
And they didn't care!

But over time I began to see
That they just wanted to play with me.
They wanted to run, wanted to skate.
Wanted to have a super great play date.
So I ran a little, jumped a lot.
And now I'm happy, relaxed, and hot.
So off we run to get out of the sun.
To bake a cake and cookies till done.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Whisper of Worry

[See that little witch in the background? Well, she's done and now she needs a friend. It's been a witchy weekend and now a witchy week. Help me pick my colors for my next witchy woman, and my project week be complete. Check out the Crochet By Karin Facebook page and tell me what Hair color, skin color, outfit color, Hat/no-hat/different hat - hit me with your best shot. #letthecustomersdecide ! You've got 24 hours...starting...NOW!]

When preparing your look,
Remember to check the book.
There's a witch keeping an eye,
On all the costumes walking by.
She won't like a repeat in the group.
And definitely not a matchy troupe.
Be you, be free, 
Find a costume that screams "me!"
A little giant,
And giant ant,
A scary bug,
Wear something someone else can't. 
A juggler, a fox,
A silly monster in a box.
Grab your glue,
Grab your tools,
Make something original
and cool.

[Ps, like my crochet pumpkins? You can get the pattern! Just check out my patterns page HERE.]

Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Cheers for Crochet

[It rained a lot this weekend, but bright side? I'm pretty much finished on my crochet witch. I might make her a pair of boots (check out the Crochet By Karin Facebook page to vote on that), but otherwise, she is good to go! Which means now I need to write out the pattern all formal like, but I just love it when I see an idea become reality don't you?]

Drip drip drip. That's how the day began.
Raining day and night, a storm headed for land.
The power soon went out, 
The house got quiet and dark.
We shivered in the cold,
My brother swore he saw a shark.
And the drip drip drip,
Continued in the dim.
We cuddled together,
Not letting the cold get in.
Mom told us a story,
While dad rustled up stew.
He cooked it over a fire,
In our den made for two.
The three of us fit,
Mom and dad stood by the door,
We told scary ghost stories,
I laughed when sister begged for more.
The drip drip drip continued all night,
But a warmth that comes from family,
Scared away all our fright.

[A little happy on Monday will keep you going till Sunday. Have a great day!!]
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