Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We Will Strive

[I think I stayed up too late last night having fun and crocheting. I missed the Emmys which is a bummer. But I did get to see the Red Sox win and that was fun. (sorry to the non-red sox fans). But the point being, I'm a bit tired and it's only Monday. So crochet octopii are here to lend me a hand.)

I will move forward because there is no reverse.
My motor only runs one way in this universe.
I will not look back because why should I?
I'm already headed towards a place where I can fly.
I will not worry to extreme or fret the unknown.
The best place I can be is where ever that ball gets thrown.
And when at the end of this journey today.
I'm going to start thinking of tomorrow, not today.
And I'm going to plan for time to come.
For play time and humor and space to run.

[And then I'll sleep. Not today, next week.]
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