Friday, September 16, 2016

Sun Shines on Guacamole

[And to round out the week, National Guacamole Day! The best best appetizer at a restaurant, great with a cheese omelet, great with a bowl of black beans, just great. Run out and get some.]

You might be thinking, I'm getting ready to rhyme. But I swear on sugar, not this time. You might be thinking, I'll sing you a song,but honestly truly, I don't want to string you along. It's just chips and dip, just tortillas and sauce, just something nice to eat that won't require you to floss. Green is the color, fruit is the plant, great is the description, and "Bring Me Some" I'm beginning to chant. It's Friday, I'm tired, it's been a long week. Just about time for chips and to put up my feet. And what better way to spice up that meal, then a little gauc, a mighty fine deal.

[Happy Friday! Happy Guacamole Day and happy weekend everyone!] 
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