Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Review of Crochet

[We made it! Summer is on the way out, fall is on the way in. The Renn Faire is up and running in several states and I am ready for October fests and hay mazes and craft shows. 
How can I pick just one??]

September is the month I remember.
For all the great fun
We have after the sun.
When the light begins to fade,
Fun stories are made.
Laughter and tears,
Groans and cheers.
At fairs and parks,
Good time after dark.
Cotton candy for some.
Jalapenos for just that one.
And kettle corn for me.
Kettle corn and spree.
And time watching the fun.
Fun times with everyone.

[I love a good fair with carnival rides and arcade games. And maybe throw in a pie contest and some crochet contests too, just for fun.]
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