Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Picnic in Yarns

[Nothing like a full day committee meeting to get you all excited about poetry!? right? .... hmm, this may just be a 'me' thing. But in any case, I like when it rhymes, every day. all the time.]

Frank you need to take this for real. It's not some prank you play on a field. It's for keeps and there are no skips. Just obstacles my friend, with running and flips. Yes I brought cupcakes, that's hardly a first. But without some juice, we'll die of thirst. Just run very quickly down to the store, and tell the grocer, we need more, We Need MORE! I'm sure he'll hand the juice right over, but just in case, take this $20 and a four leaf clover. I know i should mom, she good so good at this job, but she had to run off after my toddler brother, Bob. Right, so anyway, once you get back, it'll be your turn to give the ball a good wack. Try to make second, or third if you have time, I'd hate to lose by too much more than 2 points in overtime. 

[I have no idea. Thoughts?]
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