Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Make a Hat Day - National Linguine Day!!!

[You know what? Silly holidays are completely the best. I might need to keep honoring them because it's brightening my day. Today, for example, is Make and Hat Day and National Linguine Day! And as you know, I love hats. All kinds of hats. Plus past, mmmmm pasta.]

Hand Me a Fork and a Spoon

Turning so slow,
Easy as you go.
Pulling together,
The deliciousness made from dough.

Each bite, so divine,
A perfect pairing for wine,
Red sauce to top off,
A meal so perfect and mine.

I'm not sharing with you!
I made some for you too.
Go get your own spoon,
And have a bowl or two.

Make a Hat!

I'm sneaking off to a corner, secluded and pink. To gather my thoughts, to brainstorm and think. I need to make something soft and cool. Something that kids will love that you will love too. Maybe something with ties or a braid on each side. Something with ears that make it look alive. A nose and some eyes, a bow or two, something in color like red or blue. And then when I have it, I'll gather my yarn and I'll twist and hook and make it transform. It'll be cute and smart, and sweet and soft, it'll make the kids all happy and not want to pull it off. So on the cold winter days when they're out and about, you won't have to worry about the cold chasing them out.
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