Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Family Day A Crochet Story

[Today is Family Day, which seems odd to me. Isn't every day family day? Because it's not like you can escape family, they just follow you everywhere. Well this crochet family is going to celebrate Family Day, and that's that.]

They swam their hardness,
They swam like fish,
They swam like they worried,
They might be missed.
But it was all for naught.
All for nill.
Mom was waiting for them
At the bottom of the hill.
And mouse was there.
Looking too smart,
They were sure mouse told,
The fart.
Why must he be nozy.
And ruin our fun.
It's Monday.
And it's time to run.

[That's not a bad word. I have it on good authority from my adorable kiddos. Happy Family Day!! Hope you enjoy some good food, good times, and ok if there are kids there, you might need wine.]
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