Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crochet to Spy On

I was wondering by the lake the other day.
It was slightly sunny, or so they say.
I couldn't see the bees for the hive.
My mind was wondering while the world was alive.
I came upon a friend standing tall.
He was staring, but not looking at anything at all.
I tried to inquire, but nothing could transpire.
While his mind was still traveling through the fall.
But soon he landed in the grass.
And I asked 'what has happened?" awfully fast.
He looked dazed, 
And gazed through me at the cows that grazed.
When his color did return, I would soon learn,
All about his magical turn.
He had meant to pick flowers today.
He had meant to pick berries by the hay.
He had meant to say hi to the cows,
But he didn't, and can't now.
He had seen a sight,
And it had given him a fright.
Bright lights and spooky sounds.
And the wind whirling all around.
He stayed silent in hopes that he'd see,
But no no, it wasn't meant to be.
I asked him what he meant.
And he said "Aliens!" his arms raised and bent.
He shook them happily 
And looked quite merrily.
Who new aliens could bring such joy.
But I guess aliens are MAGIC for girls and boys.
So tomorrow I plan to attend,
And watch for aliens with my friend.

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