Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crochet On Top Of It

[I nice long weekend is so great for the mind. I feel bad for those that had to work. It was just really nice to spend extra time with the kids and dog, etc. Oh yeah, and my husband! But you know, I'm ready to get back at it!]

I took a day. I stayed away. I did not betray, my promise to stay. Stay in the garden, stay in my book, keep my mind away, from you and this nook. But I'm here today, and I won't go away. Not until you remember, how much fun it was yesterday. We talked for hours, we laughed quit a bit, your desire to forget is causing a fit! I need you to remember, need you to show signs, I don't want to have lost all that time. I'll give you more space, I'll stay out of your face, but you owe me some thinking, and not in outer-space! You've got my digits and my address, come by to see me when you're ready to complain less. 

[haha, I was totally thinking of my daughter throwing a tantrum and I'm like "where is my daughter and who is this crazy person!?" so funny. Happy back to work day everyone!]

P.s. Fall has arrived and is starting to spread, maybe check my shop for some coverage for your head! Etsy-CrochetByKarin

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