Thursday, September 8, 2016

Be Free, Oh Gee

[The kids are in bed. It's so so quiet around here. How does that happen? It's like magic really. Kids, be nice to your moms and dads and go to bed on time every once in a while. It's wonderful]

I feel stabby
And crabby.
I lost my wallet.
And my tabby.
I think they're together.
Somewhere nice.
But I'm here and money-less
And I might have lice.
Also because of my tabby.
Who is also crabby.
And her coat is quite shabby.
So take some pitty on me.
And throw me a dollar or three.
I need snacks and a juice.
I need freedom,
From my cat who I set loose.
Ok, well now you know.
I 'may' have tossed her out.
[it was a good throw]
She threw up on my wallet
And I know this because I saw it.
So I may have ejected her from my home.
But I'm here and I don't like being alone.
So if you see her,
Tell her to come back.
To the fun zone. 

[Didn't expect that right? I totally went there. Not that I'd eject my cat over a little vomit, but you never know, that might have been my nice Kate Spade wallet. Then who knows what I would do... crochet on, my friends, crochet on.]

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