Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Amigurumi Adventure

[It was a good day today. It rained, and yet. I feel like I should be on a road trip, the wind in my hair, the sun hot on my skin, and the radio playing something lazy. Oh, and some crochet.]

I took my case with me.
A brown leather box with two handles.
It doesn't close, is in shambled.
I love this case,
Its hard corners and strong smell.
It urges me, it does compel.
I dream of thoughts,
Of deeds to be done.
I think of adventure on the run.
I go on journeys
And drag along this case.
If nothing else. 
It keeps me on pace.
If I don't go far it is too light.
If I write too much.
The weight is just right.
And in one corner of my case
I sit my worries about this place.
I do not dwell and doubt and fear.
I let the case capture it here.
Only stories,
Bright and bold.
To rapture the children
And humor the old.

[And I thought this was about aliens. sigh. I guess it's not. Send me your humorous, silly, clever, jovial, not at all rude, inspiration ideas and I'll incorporate into my next poem! See me on Facebook to submit]
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