Friday, September 30, 2016

After a Long Interstellar Journey

[Is it Friday? reaaaallllly?? Well, then, I have a crochet thing or two to say about that.]

I'm looking out the mirror,
Minding my mind.
My partner drives silently,
Which I thought was kind.
Usually so talkie,
And all around loud.
It normally sounds like we're yelling in a crowd.
But it's quiet.
Do you think I'm being mean?
I did say SHSHHH!
And forward with anger, I leaned
And quiet ensued.
But quietly, I'm thinking madness brewed.
Then an outburst was heard.
By nearby planets and stars.
The loudness was shattering.
It scared other flying cars.
My skin cracked from flinching,
My ear drums from pinching.
I looked over to see an eyeball twinching.
APPARENTLY, saying SHHHHH is rude.
And I guess now I know it might cause a feud.
So now its me be mute.
And honestly, I think now I'm cute. 

[Happy travels this weekend!! I hope you bring a hook, some yarn, a pattern, and ...oh darn. Rain.]

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