Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Day to Celebrate Doughnuts and Software Engineers!

[I've received word from the internet that today is not only National Cream-Filled Donut Day!!! But also Programmers' Day. Now, both of those topics are very close to my heart so I think it ONLY FAIR to cover both topics.]

My Sweet Doughnut

There this thing you eat,
It makes your day complete.
It's a circle most days,
And it can't be beat. 
It has cream in it.
Sweet cream.
And oh my, what a thing.
It makes your toes curl,
Your senses unfurl,
Your mind swirl,
And your body twirl.
And if you'r lucky,
There'll be frosting on top.
So run out now,
And get one at the shop.

A Programmer's Code

Talking in code,
In zeros and ones,
They each mean something,
And they do something fun.
Strung together
To create functions and sets
Bullion logic with no regrets.
Pull queries, do math,
Create maps and a path,
Run systems like clockwork
And do it real fast.
 Cheers to the programmer
And the logic they use,
To make the things in our life
Easier to deduce.
Easier to navigate,
Easier to learn,
Funner to play with,
Less likely to spurn.
And with their help,
The clock continues to turn! 

[Right, so go hug your computer savvy friend, spouse, child, cousin, sister/brother and oh yeah, maybe buy them a cream-filled doughnut. They probably deserve it. Happy Wednesday!!]

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