Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Crochet Pie in the Eye

[I went festivalling this weekend and it was great. Love love love fall. So many fun things to go do! And the crochet was excellent too.]

Have a seat and get a bit to eat. I'm going to tell you about something sweet. A story about kindness, niceness, and glee. And yes, it's about me. I was flying up high to a town I know, where the rain falls warm and melts the snow. Where there is hot chocolate for all and at night the kids laugh, while watching the snow fall. I was headed to see a friend named Nick, we going to tell stories and eat candy till we were sick. I wanted to show him this new watch of mine. It's awfully handsome, but can't tell time. I keep with me all day long, it reminds me to smile, and to get along. And so I brought it to my dear friend Nick, and he fixed up real quick. And he told me a story about a little boy, who was always late and how his lateness would annoy. So I took it upon me to visit the boy, and I gave him my watch to wear as a toy. And forever and always up to this day, he was on time and his mom let him play.

[Hook, yarn, thread, and twine. I'll just make a few friends with which to dine. Happy #crocheting !!]
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