Friday, September 2, 2016

A Crochet Gnome is Running

[Is he a crochet gnome? Is he a wood elf? He's a woodsy kind of fellow. That's all that matters.]

I like the woods. I like the air.
I like going bathroom where I want
And without a care.
I like eating berries.
And cooking chicken on a stick.
I like running in the woods full out,
And I'm pretty quick.
I don't like trash,
Or gum on my trees.
Seeing your mess on the ground,
Makes me fall to my knees.
It makes me cry! It makes mad.
It makes me angry, it makes me sad.
So don't do it.
Don't think it.
Just pick it up,
And clean it.
Help me out here.
If even a bit.
This forest is for all of us.
And you should care about it.

[Have fun camping this weekend everyone!!! I'm off for 3 days, but stay tuned, I plan on posting my jack-o-lantern pattern <for FREE> this weekend. Happy crocheting!!]
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