Friday, September 30, 2016

After a Long Interstellar Journey

[Is it Friday? reaaaallllly?? Well, then, I have a crochet thing or two to say about that.]

I'm looking out the mirror,
Minding my mind.
My partner drives silently,
Which I thought was kind.
Usually so talkie,
And all around loud.
It normally sounds like we're yelling in a crowd.
But it's quiet.
Do you think I'm being mean?
I did say SHSHHH!
And forward with anger, I leaned
And quiet ensued.
But quietly, I'm thinking madness brewed.
Then an outburst was heard.
By nearby planets and stars.
The loudness was shattering.
It scared other flying cars.
My skin cracked from flinching,
My ear drums from pinching.
I looked over to see an eyeball twinching.
APPARENTLY, saying SHHHHH is rude.
And I guess now I know it might cause a feud.
So now its me be mute.
And honestly, I think now I'm cute. 

[Happy travels this weekend!! I hope you bring a hook, some yarn, a pattern, and ...oh darn. Rain.]

Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Amigurumi Adventure

[It was a good day today. It rained, and yet. I feel like I should be on a road trip, the wind in my hair, the sun hot on my skin, and the radio playing something lazy. Oh, and some crochet.]

I took my case with me.
A brown leather box with two handles.
It doesn't close, is in shambled.
I love this case,
Its hard corners and strong smell.
It urges me, it does compel.
I dream of thoughts,
Of deeds to be done.
I think of adventure on the run.
I go on journeys
And drag along this case.
If nothing else. 
It keeps me on pace.
If I don't go far it is too light.
If I write too much.
The weight is just right.
And in one corner of my case
I sit my worries about this place.
I do not dwell and doubt and fear.
I let the case capture it here.
Only stories,
Bright and bold.
To rapture the children
And humor the old.

[And I thought this was about aliens. sigh. I guess it's not. Send me your humorous, silly, clever, jovial, not at all rude, inspiration ideas and I'll incorporate into my next poem! See me on Facebook to submit]

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crochet to Spy On

I was wondering by the lake the other day.
It was slightly sunny, or so they say.
I couldn't see the bees for the hive.
My mind was wondering while the world was alive.
I came upon a friend standing tall.
He was staring, but not looking at anything at all.
I tried to inquire, but nothing could transpire.
While his mind was still traveling through the fall.
But soon he landed in the grass.
And I asked 'what has happened?" awfully fast.
He looked dazed, 
And gazed through me at the cows that grazed.
When his color did return, I would soon learn,
All about his magical turn.
He had meant to pick flowers today.
He had meant to pick berries by the hay.
He had meant to say hi to the cows,
But he didn't, and can't now.
He had seen a sight,
And it had given him a fright.
Bright lights and spooky sounds.
And the wind whirling all around.
He stayed silent in hopes that he'd see,
But no no, it wasn't meant to be.
I asked him what he meant.
And he said "Aliens!" his arms raised and bent.
He shook them happily 
And looked quite merrily.
Who new aliens could bring such joy.
But I guess aliens are MAGIC for girls and boys.
So tomorrow I plan to attend,
And watch for aliens with my friend.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Crochet Pie in the Eye

[I went festivalling this weekend and it was great. Love love love fall. So many fun things to go do! And the crochet was excellent too.]

Have a seat and get a bit to eat. I'm going to tell you about something sweet. A story about kindness, niceness, and glee. And yes, it's about me. I was flying up high to a town I know, where the rain falls warm and melts the snow. Where there is hot chocolate for all and at night the kids laugh, while watching the snow fall. I was headed to see a friend named Nick, we going to tell stories and eat candy till we were sick. I wanted to show him this new watch of mine. It's awfully handsome, but can't tell time. I keep with me all day long, it reminds me to smile, and to get along. And so I brought it to my dear friend Nick, and he fixed up real quick. And he told me a story about a little boy, who was always late and how his lateness would annoy. So I took it upon me to visit the boy, and I gave him my watch to wear as a toy. And forever and always up to this day, he was on time and his mom let him play.

[Hook, yarn, thread, and twine. I'll just make a few friends with which to dine. Happy #crocheting !!]

Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Family Day A Crochet Story

[Today is Family Day, which seems odd to me. Isn't every day family day? Because it's not like you can escape family, they just follow you everywhere. Well this crochet family is going to celebrate Family Day, and that's that.]

They swam their hardness,
They swam like fish,
They swam like they worried,
They might be missed.
But it was all for naught.
All for nill.
Mom was waiting for them
At the bottom of the hill.
And mouse was there.
Looking too smart,
They were sure mouse told,
The fart.
Why must he be nozy.
And ruin our fun.
It's Monday.
And it's time to run.

[That's not a bad word. I have it on good authority from my adorable kiddos. Happy Family Day!! Hope you enjoy some good food, good times, and ok if there are kids there, you might need wine.]

Friday, September 23, 2016

I May Have Crochet Owl

[I did not get a lot of sleep last night. I may have been watching football, but also, I just couldn't sleep. It was one of those days. Not many are like that, but I think it says something, something about something I forgot.]

I may have left my door unlocked.
I may have left my headlights on.
I may have dropped my front door key,
I may have parked in space two when I'm three.
I wasn't thinking,
Wasn't checking,
Wasn't worried about my day I was wrecking.
I had better things in mind.
Better things to do.
And I didn't want to miss.
Getting to see you.
So I may have left work early.
I may have skipped the gym.
I may have picked up flowers for you.
And I am happy about it in the end.
So don't fuss about me too much.
Don't fret about my day.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Because I pretty much got my way.

[Ahh, nothing like ending the week on a positive note. Looking forward to cooler temperatures, s'mores, pumpkins, and maybe a little pie. Happy Crocheting !]

Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Elephant of a Day

[A little Thursday to make the week go by so quickly. And it's Elephant Appreciation Day and everything! A happy crochet elephant day.]

Now listen up kids,
I've got knowledge to spread.
A few facts to drop.
A little something I read.
Be strong,
Be brave,
Be smart,
Be skilled.
It'll help you out,
It will keep you fulfilled.
Do something great,
Great enough for you.
Great enough to be happy,
A great something to do.
And don't back down
Or stop 
Or break,
Just keep going,
Because your happiness is at steak.

[Happy Thursday guys! And happy Elephant Appreciation Day. Maybe crochet an Elephant, just for fun. And have a little party for everyone.]

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Swim Till Dawn

[I'm getting excited, three days to go. Until Friday, sweet Friday, when the party animals crow. It's International Banana Day, what fun is that!]

Swim little fishes!
Swim fast and true,
Don't let the angry Octopus 
Catch you!
Swim little ones,
Swim with all you've got.
Swim little fishes,
Or it's all for not.
Be quick, be free.
Be happy like me.
It's the only way
To truly be.

[Ahhh, hump day. Just swim fast, don't let the octopii get you.]

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We Will Strive

[I think I stayed up too late last night having fun and crocheting. I missed the Emmys which is a bummer. But I did get to see the Red Sox win and that was fun. (sorry to the non-red sox fans). But the point being, I'm a bit tired and it's only Monday. So crochet octopii are here to lend me a hand.)

I will move forward because there is no reverse.
My motor only runs one way in this universe.
I will not look back because why should I?
I'm already headed towards a place where I can fly.
I will not worry to extreme or fret the unknown.
The best place I can be is where ever that ball gets thrown.
And when at the end of this journey today.
I'm going to start thinking of tomorrow, not today.
And I'm going to plan for time to come.
For play time and humor and space to run.

[And then I'll sleep. Not today, next week.]

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Butterscotch Pudding Day

[It is Butterscotch Pudding Day people. oh man, so good. I really just want some (may be a little hungry!). Are you having butterscotch pudding today? And what crochet project are you working on while having your pudding? Let me know! Post to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page and share in the fun.]

Butterscotch Pudding

I'm going to gobble,
Going to feast.
I'm going to eat
Like a starving beast.

With whipped cream and a cherry
And sprinkles galore.
And after I'm done.
I'll want so much more.

I'll want a second and a third.
Isn't that absurd?
With a few little cookies.
To nibble like a bird.

What a great day!
What an excellent meal.
I'm so happy today.
I'm so glad it's real.

[Enjoy the snacks each and every day. Because a snack makes it better to go to work and play.]

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sun Shines on Guacamole

[And to round out the week, National Guacamole Day! The best best appetizer at a restaurant, great with a cheese omelet, great with a bowl of black beans, just great. Run out and get some.]

You might be thinking, I'm getting ready to rhyme. But I swear on sugar, not this time. You might be thinking, I'll sing you a song,but honestly truly, I don't want to string you along. It's just chips and dip, just tortillas and sauce, just something nice to eat that won't require you to floss. Green is the color, fruit is the plant, great is the description, and "Bring Me Some" I'm beginning to chant. It's Friday, I'm tired, it's been a long week. Just about time for chips and to put up my feet. And what better way to spice up that meal, then a little gauc, a mighty fine deal.

[Happy Friday! Happy Guacamole Day and happy weekend everyone!] 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Make a Hat Day - National Linguine Day!!!

[You know what? Silly holidays are completely the best. I might need to keep honoring them because it's brightening my day. Today, for example, is Make and Hat Day and National Linguine Day! And as you know, I love hats. All kinds of hats. Plus past, mmmmm pasta.]

Hand Me a Fork and a Spoon

Turning so slow,
Easy as you go.
Pulling together,
The deliciousness made from dough.

Each bite, so divine,
A perfect pairing for wine,
Red sauce to top off,
A meal so perfect and mine.

I'm not sharing with you!
I made some for you too.
Go get your own spoon,
And have a bowl or two.

Make a Hat!

I'm sneaking off to a corner, secluded and pink. To gather my thoughts, to brainstorm and think. I need to make something soft and cool. Something that kids will love that you will love too. Maybe something with ties or a braid on each side. Something with ears that make it look alive. A nose and some eyes, a bow or two, something in color like red or blue. And then when I have it, I'll gather my yarn and I'll twist and hook and make it transform. It'll be cute and smart, and sweet and soft, it'll make the kids all happy and not want to pull it off. So on the cold winter days when they're out and about, you won't have to worry about the cold chasing them out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Day to Celebrate Doughnuts and Software Engineers!

[I've received word from the internet that today is not only National Cream-Filled Donut Day!!! But also Programmers' Day. Now, both of those topics are very close to my heart so I think it ONLY FAIR to cover both topics.]

My Sweet Doughnut

There this thing you eat,
It makes your day complete.
It's a circle most days,
And it can't be beat. 
It has cream in it.
Sweet cream.
And oh my, what a thing.
It makes your toes curl,
Your senses unfurl,
Your mind swirl,
And your body twirl.
And if you'r lucky,
There'll be frosting on top.
So run out now,
And get one at the shop.

A Programmer's Code

Talking in code,
In zeros and ones,
They each mean something,
And they do something fun.
Strung together
To create functions and sets
Bullion logic with no regrets.
Pull queries, do math,
Create maps and a path,
Run systems like clockwork
And do it real fast.
 Cheers to the programmer
And the logic they use,
To make the things in our life
Easier to deduce.
Easier to navigate,
Easier to learn,
Funner to play with,
Less likely to spurn.
And with their help,
The clock continues to turn! 

[Right, so go hug your computer savvy friend, spouse, child, cousin, sister/brother and oh yeah, maybe buy them a cream-filled doughnut. They probably deserve it. Happy Wednesday!!]

    Tuesday, September 13, 2016

    Picnic in Yarns

    [Nothing like a full day committee meeting to get you all excited about poetry!? right? .... hmm, this may just be a 'me' thing. But in any case, I like when it rhymes, every day. all the time.]

    Frank you need to take this for real. It's not some prank you play on a field. It's for keeps and there are no skips. Just obstacles my friend, with running and flips. Yes I brought cupcakes, that's hardly a first. But without some juice, we'll die of thirst. Just run very quickly down to the store, and tell the grocer, we need more, We Need MORE! I'm sure he'll hand the juice right over, but just in case, take this $20 and a four leaf clover. I know i should mom, she good so good at this job, but she had to run off after my toddler brother, Bob. Right, so anyway, once you get back, it'll be your turn to give the ball a good wack. Try to make second, or third if you have time, I'd hate to lose by too much more than 2 points in overtime. 

    [I have no idea. Thoughts?]

    Monday, September 12, 2016

    Sharing a Bloom or Two

    [Great football this weekend. Lots of fun on Sunday hanging with family, watching the games.]

    I will make the snacks if you bring drinks.
    We can crowd around, telling jokes by the sink.
    I'll bring my ball for a game of toss.
    Cupcakes for wins, chocolates for each loss.
    And a song or two, in case we're blue,
    I hope my team wins, and the same for you.
    Now off I go, to get the food.
    Don't be late!
    It'll wreck the mood.

    [hahaha, hope your get together was fun!!! And enjoy the games!]

    Sunday, September 11, 2016

    Just Listed!

    Crochet Pumpkin Hat!!
    Just finished and listed on Esty in my Crochet By Karin Etsy shop. 
    Not a user of Etsy? Check out the Crochet By Karin Facebook page and send me your order via Private Message.


    Friday, September 9, 2016

    A Picnic in the Heat, Is Hard on Crochet Feet

    [I watched football today. And enjoyed the play. Enjoyed the fun, enjoyed the run. But it wasn't 'my' team, if you know what I mean.]

    You know Harold. We've been getting together like this for years and this is the firs time that I'm really just ready to throw in the towel and let me tell you why.

    It's hot.
    It's squelched,
    Five minutes ago I belched.
    I can't digest my food.
    It's affecting my mood. 
    I'm trying to be cordial,
    But feeling misunderstood.

    It's hot.
    It's humid.
    Hanging out here just feels stupid.
    I can't squint,
    Can't peek,
    Can't find the shade that I seek.
    I need air!
    Cool air. 
    And it's not here or there.

    It's hot!
    It's gross,
    Really not the moment to boast.
    Escaping the heat is not defeat.
    I'd rather not cook into something a dog would eat.
    Let's go,
    No more wishy washy to and fro.
    I'm deciding and I say no!

    [Stay cool friends. It's going to be a hot weekend, but hopefully, this heat wave will soon end.]

    Thursday, September 8, 2016

    Be Free, Oh Gee

    [The kids are in bed. It's so so quiet around here. How does that happen? It's like magic really. Kids, be nice to your moms and dads and go to bed on time every once in a while. It's wonderful]

    I feel stabby
    And crabby.
    I lost my wallet.
    And my tabby.
    I think they're together.
    Somewhere nice.
    But I'm here and money-less
    And I might have lice.
    Also because of my tabby.
    Who is also crabby.
    And her coat is quite shabby.
    So take some pitty on me.
    And throw me a dollar or three.
    I need snacks and a juice.
    I need freedom,
    From my cat who I set loose.
    Ok, well now you know.
    I 'may' have tossed her out.
    [it was a good throw]
    She threw up on my wallet
    And I know this because I saw it.
    So I may have ejected her from my home.
    But I'm here and I don't like being alone.
    So if you see her,
    Tell her to come back.
    To the fun zone. 

    [Didn't expect that right? I totally went there. Not that I'd eject my cat over a little vomit, but you never know, that might have been my nice Kate Spade wallet. Then who knows what I would do... crochet on, my friends, crochet on.]

    Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    Under the Crochet Tree

    [It's back up to 90 Degrees F where I live! I can't believe it. I get all excited for fall and what happens? Second summer. Sigh. Anyone out there enjoying nice fall weather??]

    Shakin' wigglin', singing
    That's how we get work done.
    Humming, drumming, whispering
    That's how we have some fun.
    Just let your toe start tapping,
    Your hand start slapping.
    And away we'll all fly along.
    Hanging out, shouting out.
    Singing along 
    Enjoying work with this song!

    [Too happy? well, too bad! Now, who's going to sing it and post it to YouTube first? 
    Post a link to my Facebook page!]

    Tuesday, September 6, 2016

    Crochet On Top Of It

    [I nice long weekend is so great for the mind. I feel bad for those that had to work. It was just really nice to spend extra time with the kids and dog, etc. Oh yeah, and my husband! But you know, I'm ready to get back at it!]

    I took a day. I stayed away. I did not betray, my promise to stay. Stay in the garden, stay in my book, keep my mind away, from you and this nook. But I'm here today, and I won't go away. Not until you remember, how much fun it was yesterday. We talked for hours, we laughed quit a bit, your desire to forget is causing a fit! I need you to remember, need you to show signs, I don't want to have lost all that time. I'll give you more space, I'll stay out of your face, but you owe me some thinking, and not in outer-space! You've got my digits and my address, come by to see me when you're ready to complain less. 

    [haha, I was totally thinking of my daughter throwing a tantrum and I'm like "where is my daughter and who is this crazy person!?" so funny. Happy back to work day everyone!]

    P.s. Fall has arrived and is starting to spread, maybe check my shop for some coverage for your head! Etsy-CrochetByKarin

    Friday, September 2, 2016

    A Crochet Gnome is Running

    [Is he a crochet gnome? Is he a wood elf? He's a woodsy kind of fellow. That's all that matters.]

    I like the woods. I like the air.
    I like going bathroom where I want
    And without a care.
    I like eating berries.
    And cooking chicken on a stick.
    I like running in the woods full out,
    And I'm pretty quick.
    I don't like trash,
    Or gum on my trees.
    Seeing your mess on the ground,
    Makes me fall to my knees.
    It makes me cry! It makes mad.
    It makes me angry, it makes me sad.
    So don't do it.
    Don't think it.
    Just pick it up,
    And clean it.
    Help me out here.
    If even a bit.
    This forest is for all of us.
    And you should care about it.

    [Have fun camping this weekend everyone!!! I'm off for 3 days, but stay tuned, I plan on posting my jack-o-lantern pattern <for FREE> this weekend. Happy crocheting!!]

    Thursday, September 1, 2016

    September Review of Crochet

    [We made it! Summer is on the way out, fall is on the way in. The Renn Faire is up and running in several states and I am ready for October fests and hay mazes and craft shows. 
    How can I pick just one??]

    September is the month I remember.
    For all the great fun
    We have after the sun.
    When the light begins to fade,
    Fun stories are made.
    Laughter and tears,
    Groans and cheers.
    At fairs and parks,
    Good time after dark.
    Cotton candy for some.
    Jalapenos for just that one.
    And kettle corn for me.
    Kettle corn and spree.
    And time watching the fun.
    Fun times with everyone.

    [I love a good fair with carnival rides and arcade games. And maybe throw in a pie contest and some crochet contests too, just for fun.]
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