Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Up Out of Sight

[A crochet gnome and an amigurumi elf run into each other in the woods. Picture it. Now ask yourself. Why is my elf so short.]

I was climbing a tree,
In the forest,
By some bees.
I was trying to be quiet,
But out came that sneeze.
It was a thunderous sound, 
That shook all the leaves.
And I ran like a rabbit,
Covered in fleas.

Oh yeah, well...

I was running the river
Hunting for quail.
I heard a splashing sound.
And decided to bail.
Hiding behind a tree,
As quiet as a mouse.
I looked out just as a bear got doused.
It was a beaver you see,
Angry and mean,
It was yelling at everyone 
And throwing everything.

That doesn't seem scary
Just ordinary.
I'm gonna go visit with Cindy the fairy.

[I don't think that went well. Life's not a competition guys!! haha. maybe it is....]

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