Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Two for Lunch

[Lunch, the other great meal of the day. Especially a picnic lunch with crochet friends right? A little sun, a cool breeze, some pretty colors and gentle sounds. It's lovely. And crochet rhino is in a particularly good mood today. Just the kind of day to have a picnic with amigurumi ant.]

In the light of the sun,
A cool breeze has begun.
A quaking in my veins,
True chaos, so insane.

A complaint or two,
No big deal for you.
But then the whining began,
Wafting at me like a fan.

I wanted pie and snacks,
A reason to relax.
But not today, no way.
Apparently this sadness will stay.

But I'm happy for once,
And I won't be giving up this lunch.
I'm going to enjoy the breeze.
I'm going to snack on cheese.
I'm going to sip sweet juice.
I'm to breath and get loose.
I'm going watch the birds fly by.
And look over the park like a spy.

A little squirrel or two.
A singing bird in red and blue.
A child playing with a kite,
A pair running with all their might.
Go faster you two!
It's the best thing to do.

[Sounds like my last summer picnic!]

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