Thursday, August 11, 2016

This Moment in Time is All Mine

[A few crochet gnomes are good for a bit of fun, but don't get them on the run. They'll run and jump and when your laying tired liked a lump, they'll catch you all unawares.]

Three in the woods is just as good 
As a bee in the trees 
Buzzing please please. 
They're looking for fun,
Going on a run,
Playing with the pixies,
Looking for the sun.
The wind is catching,
The day quite fetching,
Playing until the sun starts setting.
But alas a beep,
Keeps them from sleep.
They search high and low,
But from where, they don't know.
It takes all night,
And they begin to fight.
The noise too loud, it just doesn't feel right.
As the horizon warms,
They head to their dorms.
The noise thankfully fades,
And to dreams each wades. 

[Right? Nothing like a night not spent sleeping because some annoying noise is keeping you up. The ticking of a clock, insects chirping outside, dogs barking, weird scratching, and the all too common - boogy man (which actually just the house making noise)]

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