Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Double Rib Stitch

Crochet Double Rib Stitch
(Multiple of 1 + 1 turning chain) 

The Double Rib Stitch is a pretty finishing stitch or to add a bit of pizzazz to a pattern. In this post I'm going to show you the double rib stitch. I'm using a single crochet, but this pattern will work with any stitch you use (SC, HDC, DC, TC) 

Your base chain for this stitch is any multiple of 1 plus one stitch for the turning chain.

1. In Gray: Chain 5, pull up a purple loop and add 6 more Chain stitches

2. Add 1SC in 2nd Ch from hook. Add 5 more SC in purple, and 6 SC in gray
[Switching to gray: Do not complete the final purple SC, stop with 2 loops on the hook, pull up gray and pull through the final two loops. You are now using the gray, drop the purple behind your piece so that you can pick it back up when you switch back to purple]

3. Ch1, turn
For this pattern I need to show you where the back stitch is. See how at the top you have the two top stitches, the front and back loop?

Well on the backside of every stitch you can find the back stitch. Since you've already flipped your work, the back loop will be facing you.

Here is an example of the back stitches on another pattern I was working on.

And here you can see the one we're working on now. 

4. SC in the back loop for each stitch across. [This will cause the two top stitches to be pushed forward and will form the double rib stitch.]

5. Ch1, turn

6. SC across

7. Ch1, turn
8. SC in the back loop for each stitch across.

9. Ch1, turn

Repeat rows 6-9

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