Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Picnic in Crochet Valley

[It was a gloriously hot weekend this past weekend and I did a bit of gardening. So I was glad to get indoors with the crochet critters to tell a few jokes.]

A bit of sun,
That's all I wanted.
But it was too much!
I was being hunted.
I tried every spot on every hill.
Under each tree and flower's frill.
But it was no good,
No good at all.
Everywhere I went the sun could still fall.
Right on my arm
Or on my head.
On foot,
A little light was shed.
I turned so red,
Like a bloom in spring.
And oh my,
Did that sunburn sting.
So nope,
Nope nope.
Not ever again.
Will I go out with friends.
Where the sun never ends.

[But I don't know, three day weekend coming up...]
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