Monday, August 1, 2016

Running All the Way

[I am no horse whisperer, but I feel that this is a true depiction of the 
stubbornness of the crochet pony.]

I could tip toe and I could walk
I could gallop or trot,
I could cantor or shuffle.
I could scamper through this scuffle.
But I won't! 
I don't.

I could talk all day.
I could make excuses to play.
I could drone on and on.
And you wouldn't know something was wrong.
But I won't!
I don't

I will stand just so.
Until you know what you don't know.
And then only then will I go.

[The crochet pony know who they are. And they aren't afraid to express themselves. But pay attention, because crochet ponies and horses, are very very subtle.]
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