Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Warm Summer Day in Crochet Valley

[It was a really nice, glorious, exhilarating summer day today. I missed part of it due to work, blech, but the part I got to enjoy was really quite nice. Not too warm, a bit of a breeze, the smell of camp fire in the are. Now in crochet valley, the breeze gets a bit more chilly and the campfire smell is more of a pretend kind of smell, but the kids and animals still think it's just a piece of fancy all wrapped with a bow]

Clear day, time to play
Time to laugh and run.
Time in the sun.
I brought my mat,
And there I sat.
Running for fun, isn't for everyone.
My friends played ball.
I watched them all.
The cool summer breeze,
Drifted over me in my sprawl.
I watched the clouds,
The clouds drifted by.
My friends ran in circles,
Around where I chose to lie.
A bit of chirping from the trees.
And the gentle humming of bees.
It's a wonder, the summer.
It makes you feel so free.

[The weather is supposed to remain nice all week, at least on the east coast of the US. I hope the rain doesn't get you, but if it does..I have a poem for that ;P]
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