Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Crazy

[Hmmm, Mondays. Bakeries around here are closed on Mondays and that is, of course, the exact day that I usually would like to eat pastries. Sigh. But crochet kitties. They can eat pastries whenever.]

A kitty or two sitting with their crew,
Looking for something fun to do. 
One suggests a race,
Between buddy and blue.
But Lois chimed up "I want to race too!"
So off they ran, to the field by town.
And off they went, around and around.
Lois came in first and had so much fun.
And everyone laughed at how fast they'd run.

[Ahhh, nothing like a good race right? Especially a race between friends just having fun. Anyone headed out on a race this week? I can thing of a few.... Enjoy your week everyone!! And have some fun with crochet and amigurumi]

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