Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Meeting at Dawn

[It was hump day in crochet valley and the crochet animals were struggling to get to work. Phil needed to paint a few bushes to look like trees and Sissy was headed to whale training camp ahead of the Fall season.]

I brake left.
Then right.
But despite all my might.
I can't fight.
They all run too fast for me!
And I get lost in their camaraderie.
I'm alone and need to go fast.
I need to push through and go past.
But I feel I cannot dig deep enough,
To rise above.
Do you think I can grow
To put on such a show?
I hope so.

Do not fret little one.
It's all something that can be done.
You have the will and the strength.
So you'll do well I think.
Just be honest and try hard.
And soon you'll lead the charge.

Now I'm off to carry on.
Someone needs to keep up the con.
A tree is beauty and sublime.
But that kind of glory takes time.
And a little food and love from me.
Because I'm an expert at growing trees.

[School starts this month. And adorable children are headed off to learn math, science, art, and other amazing subjects. And to all of them, have a great year. Try really really hard. Because you can do. I totally know it.]
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