Monday, August 15, 2016

Meet You at Two

[ I think I'd rather stay home today. but work beckons. You? Where you headed today?]

The crochet octopus is a formidable foe. 
I don't know, 
If we got in a fight. 
I'm not sure how that'd go. 
And that's the work week, in a line, 
Lots of screaming all the time. 
Bring me this and make me that.
It drives you batty in 10 seconds flat.
Good thing they make coffee and doughnuts to share.
It's not so bad with other people there.
Someone to help or listen to you whine.
Someone to hang with when you sneak out at nine.

[Happy Monday guys! I hear my poetry goes well with coffee and doughnuts. Just sayin'...]
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