Friday, August 26, 2016

In The Water We Go

[My crochet whales and Octopii like to splish and splash in the ocean, but I'd rather sit in the sun, and get nothing done. You?]

We came too late.
Let me clarify.
On a sunny day, way way way
Out on the shore, where there's no one next door.
Myself and my friend headed on a quest.
To find out which beach was the best.
We traveled the coast,
Listening to each sailor boast.
And inspected each beach,
Everything inch and all the feet.
And at the end of our tour,
We felt like there must be something more.
So we traveled the coasts,
No one traveled most.
And we enjoyed the sun
And there was nary anyone.
And finally at last,
We found the beach
That was such a blast.
But alas.
The sun had gone down.
And time to go home had past.
The life guard shooed us away.
There was no time for play.
He had work to do,
And we were told to shoo.
But No Worries my friend!!
This tale is not at an end.
We'll be back tomorrow.
And so, hold back your sorrow.
And meet us there!
The beach where no one goes on a dare.
Where the sunlight is fare.
Not bright with glare.
Where the sand is soft,
Like the wings of a moth.
And the ocean is gentle and warm.
Like your mom's sweet arm.
It could rock you to sleep,
If you laid down with neh a peep.
But don't wait!
Meet us tomorrow, don't be late!

[Happy Friday everyone! Have fun crocheting this weekend and check in on Facebook to say hi!]
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