Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Hour In Crochet Valley

[There's this special time of the day in crochet valley that we all refer to as 'happy hour' but it can get kind of sad because the buds don't like the end of the week. They'd rather work through and wonder why I'm so tired that I need to sleep in. But I think you guys get where I'm going from. You're cool like that.]
Five days, two hours, six second, two blinks.
This day is ending and that stinks.
I've got stuff to do. No time to stop.
So what if you're tired
Just drop.
The floor is a bed, 
Lay down, rest your head.
Five days, two hours, three seconds, and a sigh.
I'm still working and I'm reaching the sky.
Some work is worth the wait.
Or I guess we shouldn't date.
Don't worry, no need to hang around for me.
I'm going to finish first, then be free.
Five seconds, two breaths, one look.
Sure, pretend you're happy reading that book.
I'm almost, nearly, somewhat done.
I'm going to finish,
Don't wait for me.
Just run.

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