Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bring a Crochet Friend of Two

[What's better than camping solo? Bringing a friend! Yes, a crochet friend. And some crochet. A few trees, a tent, a hook, and some yarn, some fun in the sun, oh darn.]

Bring your flashlight and your brush,
Pack swiftly, we're in a rush.
The daylight's fading, the warm air cooling,
We need to head off, I'm not fooling.
The rain is coming,
The thunder is drumming.
The wind is gusting through. 
Just a hill or two.
Then back to the park,
A few scary stories in the dark,
To give the shivers before the Boo!

Run little one,
Don't get wet. 
The rain hasn't gotten you yet.
Be fast and free,
And run run run with me.
Soon we'll be back to camp,
And hopefully not damp.
A few smore's
And maybe more.
For you and me.

[Only a few more days of summer break. For all of you headed out for a weekend in the woods this weekend.. have fun! And tell some fun stories! That's the best part.]

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