Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Been There

[A crochet story: It's half way through the day, you've add three coffees and then you eat a big lunch because it's a meeting and you get bored and there are doughnuts. And then you sit at your desk and you're already to do that thing your boss wanted and.....]

I can admit that at times, 
I can't remember my line.
And the day seems to drone,
Even when I'm alone.
You'd think solitary time,
To get done what is mine.
Would be all that I need.
But it seems, productivity is not guaranteed.
Perhaps some sweets or two,
Some motivation when I'm blue.
Some kind words or a pat
On my head where it's flat.
Will give me the push I need,
To get to that last deed.
But who knows,
I need to see where this day flows.

[Be strong crochet friends, Mr. Octopus knows your pain. Go ahead and abandon that project only to start another one. I'm sure you'll get them both done eventually.]
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