Thursday, August 18, 2016

Adrift in Crochet

[School has officially started where we are and it just makes me want to crochet. During karate practice, soccer practice, music practice, pretty much All. The. Time. So you get to enjoy the fruits of my boredom! (sorry, I meant enjoyment)]

A rumble.
A crash.
A beating beating beating,
And cheering at last.
A call in the stands!
The shrieks of one excited man.
The roar of thunder,
Coming from a group down yonder.
A quiet humm of words,
Some excited, some absurd.
A lady crying over loss.
My heart is beating, the toss!!
A search for food and drink,
A lost article down the sink.
Can't find my seat,
I'd stand, but my feet.
And then they're off again.
Running, chasing.
So fast I can't see the show lacing.
And it's in, we win.
Next week, all over again.

[I'm getting excited for sports season to jump into high gear, nothing like cheering with a crowd of happy fans and eating nachos. Never shall we forget, the nachos. Happy crocheting!]
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