Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Side of Carrot

[A little snack. My kids love carrots. Only raw though. If I cook them, it's like poison. Isn't that crazy? I could saute some yum carrots in butter and honey and nope, no way, they won't eat it. Only raw. No wonder I talk to amigurumi.]

I love the carrots,
I love beans,
I love lettuce,
And those kinds of things.

I love apples,
I love grapes,
I love raisins,
And tasty dates.

Bring me fruits!
And veggies too!
Just give me a bowl,
I know what to do.

I'll cut them up
And arrange them all nice.
I'll add some sauce
To go next to each slice.

And then piece by piece,
I'll dip each one,
I'll nibble and crunch,
Until I'm all done.

[Love me some fruits and veggies. Should I crochet fruits and veggies? 
It might happen, you never know.]

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