Friday, August 5, 2016

A Lizarding

[As you know, I was recently in the desert. And while there, while I was very very hot, I enjoyed the pretty colors of the desert sun. The sun sets, cactus, coyote. It was really very lovely. And so, seeing my crochet lizards, makes me remember all over again how pretty is was.]

Be free my butterfly,
Go home sweet bee.
Adios pretty one,
You'll be better off without me.

Carl, you are so DRAMATIC!

I'll see you tomorrow.
At work at 2pm.
I'm meeting you for late lunch.
Did you forget that too?

No no, it just slipped my mind.
I'm of course going to meet you.
At the restaurant
Around nine.

Ok, not nine.
And if you don't show up.
I'll come after you.

Yes, yes. I understand.
I'll be there on time.
Or I'll run
For the sand.

[Didn't I tell you? The desert, so beautiful. But the lizards...]

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