Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Few Flowers and Pie

[I think crochet ponies and birds have a special relationship. There they are, hanging out all day. They sing songs, run and fly about, play chase. I'm sure it's all very fun. But there you go, you show up and you want to hang out and they want nothing to do with you!]

The blooms are quite nice
So colorful just now.
A little pink bud,
A blue puff in a bow.
They gather together,
To soak up the sun.
They share drops of rain,
And watch the ponies have fun.
The wind gently pushes 
Their leaves back and forth.
And the birds sing out to them from the north.

The sun sets quietly
And the buds begin to rest.
Tomorrow will come shortly.
And might be the best. 

[Ponies are silly, funny, and nice. But don't look away, not once, twice, or thrice. They're pretty sneaking and tend to nibble, you don't want to worry about your pants losing their middle.]
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