Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Few Flowers and Pie

[I think crochet ponies and birds have a special relationship. There they are, hanging out all day. They sing songs, run and fly about, play chase. I'm sure it's all very fun. But there you go, you show up and you want to hang out and they want nothing to do with you!]

The blooms are quite nice
So colorful just now.
A little pink bud,
A blue puff in a bow.
They gather together,
To soak up the sun.
They share drops of rain,
And watch the ponies have fun.
The wind gently pushes 
Their leaves back and forth.
And the birds sing out to them from the north.

The sun sets quietly
And the buds begin to rest.
Tomorrow will come shortly.
And might be the best. 

[Ponies are silly, funny, and nice. But don't look away, not once, twice, or thrice. They're pretty sneaking and tend to nibble, you don't want to worry about your pants losing their middle.]

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Family That Crochets Together

[I love family reunions. And will labor day coming up, there's plenty of time to hang out with my family. Any of you going to go visiting? I hope you have fun! Only three days to go...]

One step, two step, three step, four.
Grandma's coming.
She'd knocking at the door.
Five step, six step, seven and more.
I hope you're ready.
For all the kisses she has in store.
Shuffle shuffle, knock knock.
She's knocking at the door.
Run little children,
Before come any more.
There's a creek in the back.
The door is open a crack.
Here comes the family.
I hope they have snacks.

[Ahhhh Tuesday, the other good day. Like the adorable lizard pictured above? The little one is a free pattern, just click my 'free patterns' link on the right. The Big one is available on Etsy HERE. And the middle one....I haven't posted that pattern yet :)]

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Picnic in Crochet Valley

[It was a gloriously hot weekend this past weekend and I did a bit of gardening. So I was glad to get indoors with the crochet critters to tell a few jokes.]

A bit of sun,
That's all I wanted.
But it was too much!
I was being hunted.
I tried every spot on every hill.
Under each tree and flower's frill.
But it was no good,
No good at all.
Everywhere I went the sun could still fall.
Right on my arm
Or on my head.
On foot,
A little light was shed.
I turned so red,
Like a bloom in spring.
And oh my,
Did that sunburn sting.
So nope,
Nope nope.
Not ever again.
Will I go out with friends.
Where the sun never ends.

[But I don't know, three day weekend coming up...]

Friday, August 26, 2016

In The Water We Go

[My crochet whales and Octopii like to splish and splash in the ocean, but I'd rather sit in the sun, and get nothing done. You?]

We came too late.
Let me clarify.
On a sunny day, way way way
Out on the shore, where there's no one next door.
Myself and my friend headed on a quest.
To find out which beach was the best.
We traveled the coast,
Listening to each sailor boast.
And inspected each beach,
Everything inch and all the feet.
And at the end of our tour,
We felt like there must be something more.
So we traveled the coasts,
No one traveled most.
And we enjoyed the sun
And there was nary anyone.
And finally at last,
We found the beach
That was such a blast.
But alas.
The sun had gone down.
And time to go home had past.
The life guard shooed us away.
There was no time for play.
He had work to do,
And we were told to shoo.
But No Worries my friend!!
This tale is not at an end.
We'll be back tomorrow.
And so, hold back your sorrow.
And meet us there!
The beach where no one goes on a dare.
Where the sunlight is fare.
Not bright with glare.
Where the sand is soft,
Like the wings of a moth.
And the ocean is gentle and warm.
Like your mom's sweet arm.
It could rock you to sleep,
If you laid down with neh a peep.
But don't wait!
Meet us tomorrow, don't be late!

[Happy Friday everyone! Have fun crocheting this weekend and check in on Facebook to say hi!]

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Hat Day

[I feel like this pretty much, every time I wear a hat, crochet size or otherwise. I enjoy it, I like my head being warm. But I get this feeling that it never quite fits the right way.]

I look beautiful today.
Handsome, I'd say.
Does it really matter?
Meh, I could go either way.
The red brings out my eyes.
And your ears a little bit.
That doesn't make sense.
Why? The description doesn't fit?
I have no ears, so the hat does no good.
Ahhh, but you do.
They're hidden under your hood.
No really, no ears. You can see for your self.
Oh alas, I confused myself.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Hop Away from Perfect

[A week into the school year and I'm already tired. Sigh. So much school work! And writing, and math. So much math. And I'm not even taking the class!!! Parents get a workout, let me tell you. Anyway, for those of you who do not have children, congratulations! hahaha, now down to business. Grab yarn, grab hook, try to crochet while reading a book.]

Right, I know.
There is no snow.
No sleet, no slush,
And importantly, no fuss.
Just a relaxing day,
With water for play
Some sun for sunning,
And birds for running.
A spare crab or two,
The water so blue.
A perfect time to say..
You have school today!

[I would print that out and say it every day for a week to your kids each morning. But you know, I'm not the best parent ever. Mostly mediocre.]

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Warm Summer Day in Crochet Valley

[It was a really nice, glorious, exhilarating summer day today. I missed part of it due to work, blech, but the part I got to enjoy was really quite nice. Not too warm, a bit of a breeze, the smell of camp fire in the are. Now in crochet valley, the breeze gets a bit more chilly and the campfire smell is more of a pretend kind of smell, but the kids and animals still think it's just a piece of fancy all wrapped with a bow]

Clear day, time to play
Time to laugh and run.
Time in the sun.
I brought my mat,
And there I sat.
Running for fun, isn't for everyone.
My friends played ball.
I watched them all.
The cool summer breeze,
Drifted over me in my sprawl.
I watched the clouds,
The clouds drifted by.
My friends ran in circles,
Around where I chose to lie.
A bit of chirping from the trees.
And the gentle humming of bees.
It's a wonder, the summer.
It makes you feel so free.

[The weather is supposed to remain nice all week, at least on the east coast of the US. I hope the rain doesn't get you, but if it does..I have a poem for that ;P]

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweet August

[This weekend I gardened, I cleaned, I shopped. I got all the chores done and then I sat and I sewed in the ends to a very large crochet blanket. And sadly, I am still. not. done. Eight months in now and I'm in the home stretch, hoping each weekend that This Will Be THE Weekend. Just wait, because I'm going to be SOOOO excited to show you the final. Who else is working on a big project? School just started, maybe a book report or two?]

I could read a book.
Or tell a tale.
I could draft a novel,
Or learn to sail.
I could put pen to paper,
Or run a marathon.
I could sing it like an anthem.
If it wasn't very long.
I could write all day,
And into the night.
But it wouldn't be enough.
To describe your fight.
Your stamina and strength,
Your courage and pride.
If I said I wasn't proud.
I would have lied.
I could write a manuscript
A play
A yarn.
But it wouldn't do you justice,
And I don't give a darn.
So I'm writing this poem,
And I'm going to read it each night.
So you remember how proud I am
That each day, you fight.

[So go on out there and crochet a hat, or read a book, or climb a mountain, or run a race, or stick up for a friend, or feed the homeless, or call your mom. And have a really great, wonderful, full of wonder day. Says me.]

Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Hour In Crochet Valley

[There's this special time of the day in crochet valley that we all refer to as 'happy hour' but it can get kind of sad because the buds don't like the end of the week. They'd rather work through and wonder why I'm so tired that I need to sleep in. But I think you guys get where I'm going from. You're cool like that.]
Five days, two hours, six second, two blinks.
This day is ending and that stinks.
I've got stuff to do. No time to stop.
So what if you're tired
Just drop.
The floor is a bed, 
Lay down, rest your head.
Five days, two hours, three seconds, and a sigh.
I'm still working and I'm reaching the sky.
Some work is worth the wait.
Or I guess we shouldn't date.
Don't worry, no need to hang around for me.
I'm going to finish first, then be free.
Five seconds, two breaths, one look.
Sure, pretend you're happy reading that book.
I'm almost, nearly, somewhat done.
I'm going to finish,
Don't wait for me.
Just run.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Adrift in Crochet

[School has officially started where we are and it just makes me want to crochet. During karate practice, soccer practice, music practice, pretty much All. The. Time. So you get to enjoy the fruits of my boredom! (sorry, I meant enjoyment)]

A rumble.
A crash.
A beating beating beating,
And cheering at last.
A call in the stands!
The shrieks of one excited man.
The roar of thunder,
Coming from a group down yonder.
A quiet humm of words,
Some excited, some absurd.
A lady crying over loss.
My heart is beating, the toss!!
A search for food and drink,
A lost article down the sink.
Can't find my seat,
I'd stand, but my feet.
And then they're off again.
Running, chasing.
So fast I can't see the show lacing.
And it's in, we win.
Next week, all over again.

[I'm getting excited for sports season to jump into high gear, nothing like cheering with a crowd of happy fans and eating nachos. Never shall we forget, the nachos. Happy crocheting!]

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Meeting at Dawn

[It was hump day in crochet valley and the crochet animals were struggling to get to work. Phil needed to paint a few bushes to look like trees and Sissy was headed to whale training camp ahead of the Fall season.]

I brake left.
Then right.
But despite all my might.
I can't fight.
They all run too fast for me!
And I get lost in their camaraderie.
I'm alone and need to go fast.
I need to push through and go past.
But I feel I cannot dig deep enough,
To rise above.
Do you think I can grow
To put on such a show?
I hope so.

Do not fret little one.
It's all something that can be done.
You have the will and the strength.
So you'll do well I think.
Just be honest and try hard.
And soon you'll lead the charge.

Now I'm off to carry on.
Someone needs to keep up the con.
A tree is beauty and sublime.
But that kind of glory takes time.
And a little food and love from me.
Because I'm an expert at growing trees.

[School starts this month. And adorable children are headed off to learn math, science, art, and other amazing subjects. And to all of them, have a great year. Try really really hard. Because you can do. I totally know it.]

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Been There

[A crochet story: It's half way through the day, you've add three coffees and then you eat a big lunch because it's a meeting and you get bored and there are doughnuts. And then you sit at your desk and you're already to do that thing your boss wanted and.....]

I can admit that at times, 
I can't remember my line.
And the day seems to drone,
Even when I'm alone.
You'd think solitary time,
To get done what is mine.
Would be all that I need.
But it seems, productivity is not guaranteed.
Perhaps some sweets or two,
Some motivation when I'm blue.
Some kind words or a pat
On my head where it's flat.
Will give me the push I need,
To get to that last deed.
But who knows,
I need to see where this day flows.

[Be strong crochet friends, Mr. Octopus knows your pain. Go ahead and abandon that project only to start another one. I'm sure you'll get them both done eventually.]

Monday, August 15, 2016

Meet You at Two

[ I think I'd rather stay home today. but work beckons. You? Where you headed today?]

The crochet octopus is a formidable foe. 
I don't know, 
If we got in a fight. 
I'm not sure how that'd go. 
And that's the work week, in a line, 
Lots of screaming all the time. 
Bring me this and make me that.
It drives you batty in 10 seconds flat.
Good thing they make coffee and doughnuts to share.
It's not so bad with other people there.
Someone to help or listen to you whine.
Someone to hang with when you sneak out at nine.

[Happy Monday guys! I hear my poetry goes well with coffee and doughnuts. Just sayin'...]

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Forgetful

[Do Fridays make you forgetful? I think so. I think you need Friday to recharge the batteries and Saturday and Sunday to sit dormant to get you ready for another five days of work. And hanging with your crochet friends is definitely recharging]

When Friday comes around I want to sit.
On weekends I don't wanna work,
Not one bit.

I wanna play,
Wanna stay,
Wanna be lazy every day.

When Friday rolls around I want to sit.
On weekends I don't want to wake up at six.
Not one bit.

I wanna sleep all day,
Wanna laugh and play
Wanna be lazy every day.

When Friday rolls around I want to sit.

[So just hum that too yourself all day and I'll meet you on Monday]

Have fun and share on Facebook and Twitter

Thursday, August 11, 2016

This Moment in Time is All Mine

[A few crochet gnomes are good for a bit of fun, but don't get them on the run. They'll run and jump and when your laying tired liked a lump, they'll catch you all unawares.]

Three in the woods is just as good 
As a bee in the trees 
Buzzing please please. 
They're looking for fun,
Going on a run,
Playing with the pixies,
Looking for the sun.
The wind is catching,
The day quite fetching,
Playing until the sun starts setting.
But alas a beep,
Keeps them from sleep.
They search high and low,
But from where, they don't know.
It takes all night,
And they begin to fight.
The noise too loud, it just doesn't feel right.
As the horizon warms,
They head to their dorms.
The noise thankfully fades,
And to dreams each wades. 

[Right? Nothing like a night not spent sleeping because some annoying noise is keeping you up. The ticking of a clock, insects chirping outside, dogs barking, weird scratching, and the all too common - boogy man (which actually just the house making noise)]

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bring a Crochet Friend of Two

[What's better than camping solo? Bringing a friend! Yes, a crochet friend. And some crochet. A few trees, a tent, a hook, and some yarn, some fun in the sun, oh darn.]

Bring your flashlight and your brush,
Pack swiftly, we're in a rush.
The daylight's fading, the warm air cooling,
We need to head off, I'm not fooling.
The rain is coming,
The thunder is drumming.
The wind is gusting through. 
Just a hill or two.
Then back to the park,
A few scary stories in the dark,
To give the shivers before the Boo!

Run little one,
Don't get wet. 
The rain hasn't gotten you yet.
Be fast and free,
And run run run with me.
Soon we'll be back to camp,
And hopefully not damp.
A few smore's
And maybe more.
For you and me.

[Only a few more days of summer break. For all of you headed out for a weekend in the woods this weekend.. have fun! And tell some fun stories! That's the best part.]

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Blues

[Not one to go outdoors solo, baby crochet chick was a trying hard to enjoy nature, but it was pretty lonely out there. That is, until the birdies began to sing.]

Sitting by my tent in the woods all alone.
I was worried, so worried.
And thinking of going home.

But then the birds started singing,
So swingy and sweet
The birds started singing,
And I started tapping my feet.

The rain started falling,
And I shivered in the wind.
I hid in my tent,
Waiting for this trip to end.

But then the birds started singing,
So swingy and sweet
The birds started singing,
And I started tapping my feet.

The sun peaked out, 
For a minute or two,
And the birds kept singing.
And warmed up my blue.
And my toes kept on tapping,
And my arms and legs too
Then my head started bobbing,
And I started dancing that do. 

And the birds were dancing and singing,
So swingy and sweet
The birds kept on singing,
While I wiggled and giggled, and boogied my feet.

[To all the birders out there, right? Nothin' like time out in the woods with a little 
singing and chirping. And ok, a few smore's doesn't hurt either 
(smore= marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker)]

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Crazy

[Hmmm, Mondays. Bakeries around here are closed on Mondays and that is, of course, the exact day that I usually would like to eat pastries. Sigh. But crochet kitties. They can eat pastries whenever.]

A kitty or two sitting with their crew,
Looking for something fun to do. 
One suggests a race,
Between buddy and blue.
But Lois chimed up "I want to race too!"
So off they ran, to the field by town.
And off they went, around and around.
Lois came in first and had so much fun.
And everyone laughed at how fast they'd run.

[Ahhh, nothing like a good race right? Especially a race between friends just having fun. Anyone headed out on a race this week? I can thing of a few.... Enjoy your week everyone!! And have some fun with crochet and amigurumi]

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Double Rib Stitch

Crochet Double Rib Stitch
(Multiple of 1 + 1 turning chain) 

The Double Rib Stitch is a pretty finishing stitch or to add a bit of pizzazz to a pattern. In this post I'm going to show you the double rib stitch. I'm using a single crochet, but this pattern will work with any stitch you use (SC, HDC, DC, TC) 

Your base chain for this stitch is any multiple of 1 plus one stitch for the turning chain.

1. In Gray: Chain 5, pull up a purple loop and add 6 more Chain stitches

2. Add 1SC in 2nd Ch from hook. Add 5 more SC in purple, and 6 SC in gray
[Switching to gray: Do not complete the final purple SC, stop with 2 loops on the hook, pull up gray and pull through the final two loops. You are now using the gray, drop the purple behind your piece so that you can pick it back up when you switch back to purple]

3. Ch1, turn
For this pattern I need to show you where the back stitch is. See how at the top you have the two top stitches, the front and back loop?

Well on the backside of every stitch you can find the back stitch. Since you've already flipped your work, the back loop will be facing you.

Here is an example of the back stitches on another pattern I was working on.

And here you can see the one we're working on now. 

4. SC in the back loop for each stitch across. [This will cause the two top stitches to be pushed forward and will form the double rib stitch.]

5. Ch1, turn

6. SC across

7. Ch1, turn
8. SC in the back loop for each stitch across.

9. Ch1, turn

Repeat rows 6-9

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Friday, August 5, 2016

A Lizarding

[As you know, I was recently in the desert. And while there, while I was very very hot, I enjoyed the pretty colors of the desert sun. The sun sets, cactus, coyote. It was really very lovely. And so, seeing my crochet lizards, makes me remember all over again how pretty is was.]

Be free my butterfly,
Go home sweet bee.
Adios pretty one,
You'll be better off without me.

Carl, you are so DRAMATIC!

I'll see you tomorrow.
At work at 2pm.
I'm meeting you for late lunch.
Did you forget that too?

No no, it just slipped my mind.
I'm of course going to meet you.
At the restaurant
Around nine.

Ok, not nine.
And if you don't show up.
I'll come after you.

Yes, yes. I understand.
I'll be there on time.
Or I'll run
For the sand.

[Didn't I tell you? The desert, so beautiful. But the lizards...]

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Side of Carrot

[A little snack. My kids love carrots. Only raw though. If I cook them, it's like poison. Isn't that crazy? I could saute some yum carrots in butter and honey and nope, no way, they won't eat it. Only raw. No wonder I talk to amigurumi.]

I love the carrots,
I love beans,
I love lettuce,
And those kinds of things.

I love apples,
I love grapes,
I love raisins,
And tasty dates.

Bring me fruits!
And veggies too!
Just give me a bowl,
I know what to do.

I'll cut them up
And arrange them all nice.
I'll add some sauce
To go next to each slice.

And then piece by piece,
I'll dip each one,
I'll nibble and crunch,
Until I'm all done.

[Love me some fruits and veggies. Should I crochet fruits and veggies? 
It might happen, you never know.]

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Two for Lunch

[Lunch, the other great meal of the day. Especially a picnic lunch with crochet friends right? A little sun, a cool breeze, some pretty colors and gentle sounds. It's lovely. And crochet rhino is in a particularly good mood today. Just the kind of day to have a picnic with amigurumi ant.]

In the light of the sun,
A cool breeze has begun.
A quaking in my veins,
True chaos, so insane.

A complaint or two,
No big deal for you.
But then the whining began,
Wafting at me like a fan.

I wanted pie and snacks,
A reason to relax.
But not today, no way.
Apparently this sadness will stay.

But I'm happy for once,
And I won't be giving up this lunch.
I'm going to enjoy the breeze.
I'm going to snack on cheese.
I'm going to sip sweet juice.
I'm to breath and get loose.
I'm going watch the birds fly by.
And look over the park like a spy.

A little squirrel or two.
A singing bird in red and blue.
A child playing with a kite,
A pair running with all their might.
Go faster you two!
It's the best thing to do.

[Sounds like my last summer picnic!]

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Up Out of Sight

[A crochet gnome and an amigurumi elf run into each other in the woods. Picture it. Now ask yourself. Why is my elf so short.]

I was climbing a tree,
In the forest,
By some bees.
I was trying to be quiet,
But out came that sneeze.
It was a thunderous sound, 
That shook all the leaves.
And I ran like a rabbit,
Covered in fleas.

Oh yeah, well...

I was running the river
Hunting for quail.
I heard a splashing sound.
And decided to bail.
Hiding behind a tree,
As quiet as a mouse.
I looked out just as a bear got doused.
It was a beaver you see,
Angry and mean,
It was yelling at everyone 
And throwing everything.

That doesn't seem scary
Just ordinary.
I'm gonna go visit with Cindy the fairy.

[I don't think that went well. Life's not a competition guys!! haha. maybe it is....]

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Running All the Way

[I am no horse whisperer, but I feel that this is a true depiction of the 
stubbornness of the crochet pony.]

I could tip toe and I could walk
I could gallop or trot,
I could cantor or shuffle.
I could scamper through this scuffle.
But I won't! 
I don't.

I could talk all day.
I could make excuses to play.
I could drone on and on.
And you wouldn't know something was wrong.
But I won't!
I don't

I will stand just so.
Until you know what you don't know.
And then only then will I go.

[The crochet pony know who they are. And they aren't afraid to express themselves. But pay attention, because crochet ponies and horses, are very very subtle.]
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