Thursday, July 28, 2016

I'm Dunkin' My Doughnut

[I really like a cake doughnut. I especially like blueberry doughnut holes. I completely admit to being very partial to those little gems of sugary goodness. There is also this place near my office that makes doughnuts on demand and then adds all these wonderful toppings like raspberry and chocolate chips. It's wondrous. Far be it for me to think that my crochet amigurumi friends aren't equally enthralled by the sweet cakes that we affectionately refer to as doughnuts.]

The smooth pulse of my heart,
So quiet all day.
Now jumps forth! Ready to play.
The beat so loud,
Like the thunder of a cloud.
Screams its pleasure at the sweet endeavor.
A few quick bites,
Incites these fights
Between the urge to run,
And the need to be undone.
Asleep on a bench,
My belt too cinched,
My need for sweets,
Only shortly quenched. 

[And that was just this morning! Add coffee and you've got a whole day of jumping and then a magnificent crash onto the couch for a long awaited nap that lasts so long your annoyed you wasted the whole day. Yup, totally worth it. See you on twitter (cbkarin) and Facebook and have a great days guys.]
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