Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crochet Elves Aren't Too Angry

I was thinking today, is a crochet elf an angry kind of person? Maybe yes, maybe no. But put a crochet elf and amigurumi gnome together and WHO KNOWS what will happen. I'm not suggesting fireworks (or am I??), but there's a level of unpredictability there.

I walk. 
He walks. 
I shimmy,
He slides.
I laugh,
He chortles.
I run,
He flies.
I go half way,
He finishes twice,
I say something mean.
He says something nice.
I go to the left,
He runs in a circle.
I let out a bellow.
He lets out a girgle.
Why can't I something,
Why can't he too.
Why can't we stop.
And be just one and two.
One of the other.
And two of the same.
Or three, something different.
But not something lame.

You like? Maybe you want the pattern for my gnome or elf? All you have to do is ask - see my Facebook page and become part of the fun. #cbkarin 
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