Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Climbing High with Crochet Gnomes.

[A crochet gnome by another name is just an elf]

On a warm summer day
On a cold winter night.
In the darkness of day.
In the daylight so bright.
I will climb ever higher,
I will scale ever more.
I will laugh even harder,
When I can't unlock the door.
I will curse pretty loudly,
I will stumble and fall.
I will rue the day.
I will cry like a doll.
I will get up from the floor.
And straighten my clothes.
I will set my jaw
And punch a few holes.
Because a door is just a door
And a challenge is just that
So let's get through his together.
So there. That's that. 

[Wednesday's are rough. I'm thinking a little amigurumi, a little poetry, maybe a splinter a humor, is just what you (mostly me) needs to hit the ground running. Say HI!! On Facebook if you get a chance and have a lovely Wednesday.]

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