Friday, July 29, 2016

Calling all Heroes!

[Ok, I really love the Olympics. It's fun, it's exciting, it's enthralling. It makes you hope and wish for success and think for a split second, that it could be you or your kids or someone you know and it makes it that more exciting. Now obviously, this year has a fair share of controversy and I really hope it all moves forward and that not too many people get sick or injured because that would be really terrible. but these people wait four years to go, so I understand why they aren't hanging it up, they're going anyway. And that's just as brave right? So yeah, I'm watching.]

I'm headed down south.
Down south don't you know.
Gonna head to the Olympics.
Down in Rio.
I've got my bags all packed.
My tickets locked down.
I'm gonna run outside,
Gonna run to town.
There's a bus you see.
Waiting on me.
Gonna take me down south.
South a long ways
Down where the athletes work,
And the heroes play.
Down to the Olympics
And the sizzling sun.
Down where the game isn't over
Till the last person's done.

[Crochet kitty says he's going. And he's taking amigurumi kitten which is just adorable. I'm going to watch from home because I'm not an Olympic athlete. i'm actually slightly more lazy than that. But hey, if youa re there. I'd love to see pics so post them to my Facebook or Twitter and share the fun and excitement.]
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